The Rustic Pig Restaurant

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The Rustic Pig Restaurant

at MN Discovery Center

New to Saturdays only from 4-9pm  The Rustic Pig restaurant features a rotating menu that will change every 2 months to go with the seasons. The Rustic Pig will also have a nightly dinner feature that includes made from scratch breads, butter, and soups.  Other food options such as appetizers, sandwiches, a kids menu, and desserts will also be offered. 

Along with our savory food, we'll have weekly bands perform starting at 6pm!

 View our March 30th - May 25th menu here!



What are The Rustic Pig hours?

The Rustic Pig will be open every Saturday from 4:00-9:00pm with the exception of March 23rd.  


When is The Rustic Pig closed?

The Rustic Pig is closed Sundays-Fridays.  Also when we change to  a new menu, we train our staff on the new foods, wines, and cocktails so they can better answer your questions.


What is on the menu?

The Rustic Pig will feature a crave-able, easy-to-love food & drink menu with variations crafted to highlight the changing seasons.  Showcasing bold flavors, its hand-crafted nightly featured entree includes made-from-scratch specialty breads, delectable butter, and mouth-watering soups. For March 30th - May 25th, you can check out the menu here


Do you have any vegetarian or gluten free items on your menu?

Yes!  For the current menu of March 30th - May 25th:


Free Bird Lettuce Cups (Without the Chicken) - Available Every Saturday

Quinoa Tabbouleh - Available Every Saturday

Chicken Souvlaki (Without the Chicken) - Available Every Saturday

Garden of Eatin - Available Every Saturday

Beef Ramen (Without the Beef) - Only Available April 6th

Duck Fried Rice (Without the Duck) - Only Available April 20th

Scallop Pesto Pappardelle (Without the Scallop) - Only Available April 27th


Gluten Free:

Free Bird Lettuce Cups - Available Every Saturday

Quinoa Tabbouleh (When You Substitute Pita for Belgian Endive) - Available Every Saturday

Chicken Souvlaki (When you Substitute Pita for Belgian Endive) - Available Every Saturday

Garden of Eatin (When You Substitute Pita for Belgian Endive) - Available Every Saturday

Dry Aged Bone in Pork Ribeye - Only Available April 13th

Scallop Pesto Pappardelle (When You Substitute with Gluten Free Pasta) - Only Available April 27th 


Do I have to pay to get into the museum if I just want to go to the restaurant?

No!  New to the MN Discovery Center, we are opening from 4:00-9:00pm on Saturdays and offering free admission during that time!  So if the restaurant has a waiting time, you can go through our museum until we have a table for you.  Or if you want to just go through the museum on a Saturday night, we'll be open!


Do I need to make a reservation?

Nope, but we do recommend it- especially if you have a large group, it's always a safe bet to make a reservation in advance.  You can call us at 218-254-7959 if you would like to make a big or small reservation.


How can I provide feedback?

We always want to hear about our guests' experiences, whether it's a compliment, a suggestion, or feedback about something we could have done better.  Please send us your thoughts by clicking here.