MDC 2020 Wish Book

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Minnesota Discovery Center's Top 20 for 2020 Wish Book

Shop our Discovery 2020 Wish Book!

You can experience the wonders of philanthropy by choosing to support us with a tax deductible gift which can be designated to underwrite all of part of the costs of a specific program or capital item. Click the image below to view our top 20 needs for 2020!

What is a Wish Book?

Since becoming a private non-profit back in 2007, the MN Discovery Center must find other ways of raising money to grow, serve our mission, and enhance our programs and services.  This wish book takes a look at what MDC would use to provide those needs.


Can I donate to a specific item or do a general donation?

Yes to both!  You can choose to underwrite an item(s) or you can simply make an unrestricted tax deductible gift in any amount.  In addition, we have a dollar for dollar matching funds that apply to any gift made to MDC, therefore your gift of $40 becomes $80!


How can I donate?


Mail your donation to: 

MN Discovery Center

Attn: Wish Book

1005 Discovery Drive

Chisholm, MN 55719

Give us a call at 800.372.6437 or stop by our front desk.