Creating a Family Archives While Social Distancing Every Sunday

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Creating a Family Archives While Social Distancing

Every Sunday starting at 12pm

Learn how to organize and preserve your family and personal legacy in the comfort of your own home.


In partnership with renowned Archivist, Margot Note, author of the newly published book, Creating Family Archives, the Minnesota Discovery Center is offering this free online class. Join Margot as she provides you with an overview of her book! She'll explain the easy steps you can take to start organizing and preserving your family history and memories today!

*Everyone collects a lifetime of papers, photographs, and mementos that tell the stories of their lives. This is our "stuff."

When I talk to people about organizing their stuff, I hear, "I want to get organized, but I feel so overwhelmed!" I know the feeling of finding messes that seem so daunting that I didn't even know where to begin. But organizing your stuff doesn't have to be daunting. We just need a plan of action to make our efforts achievable.In a time when most of us are social distancing and spending more time at home, we not only have more time for projects like this but we're also more reflective of our lives and their meanings. Now may be the time to tackle the family and personal memories, not only to keep ourselves busy but also to provide ourselves and our loved ones comfort.

Join me in this webinar where I explain easy steps you can take to organize and preserve what's meaningful and important to you. The focus is on family and personal items--like papers, photographs, and audio-visual items--but the methods I discuss can be used for organizing anything. Feel calmer and less stressed knowing that your stuff is in order and you can find everything you need.The information provided in this book is based on my book, Creating Family Archives: A Step-by-Step Guide for Saving Your Memories for Future Generations.:

What you'll get out of this free webinar:

* Tips and tricks archivists use to preserve materials

* Ways to get quicker, easier, affordable results for organizing your stuff

* Ways to approach an overwhelming organizational project so that it's manageable

* Real-world examples of how to approach organizational projects

* Generous Q&A time so that I can answer all your questions

* Exclusive access to a private Facebook group to support your efforts

PLEASE READ: When you register, you will receive a digital link to the Zoom webinar when you complete your registration, 48 hours prior, two hours prior, and when the event starts. If you click the "View Now" button, you'll get access.