The Rustic Pig Restaurant

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The Rustic Pig Restaurant

at MN Discovery Center

* Closed until January 26th *

Starting Saturday, January 26th at 4:00pm

New to Saturdays only from 4-9pm  The Rustic Pig restaurant features a rotating menu that will change every 2 months to go with the seasons. The Rustic Pig will also have a nightly dinner feature that includes made from scratch breads, butter, and soups.  Other food options such as appetizers, sandwiches, a kids menu, and desserts will also be offered. 

Along with our savory food, we'll have weekly bands perform starting at 6pm!

 View our full menu here!



What are The Rustic Pig hours?

The Rustic Pig will be open every Saturday from 4:00-9:00pm with the exception of March 23rd.  


When is The Rustic Pig closed?

The Rustic Pig is closed Sundays-Fridays.  The Rustic Pig is also closed for private events January 12th for our Discover Flavors: Winter Dinner event, January 19th and March 23rd.  For more information on booking an event here at the MN Discovery Center, call Blanche Mlakar at 218-254-6002 or Mara Brownlee at 218-254-1223. 


What is on the menu?

The Rustic Pig will feature a crave-able, easy-to-love food & drink menu with variations crafted to highlight the changing seasons.  Showcasing bold flavors, its hand-crafted nightly featured entree includes made-from-scratch specialty breads, delectable butter, and mouth-watering soups. For January 26th - March 16th, you can check out the menu here


Do you have any vegetarian or gluten free items on your menu?

Yes!  For the current menu of January 26th - March 16th:


Beef Curry (without the beef) - Available Every Saturday

Artichoke Fondue - Available Every Saturday 

Stick to Ya Ribs Grilled Cheese (without the beef)

Greek Naanza - Available Every Saturday

Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato, & Pomegranate Bowl - Available Every Saturday

All Desserts


Gluten Free:

Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato, & Pomegranate Bowl - Available Every Saturday

Not Your Grandmas Borsch - Available Every Saturday

Smoked Duck Pastrami (without the ale mustard and with a gluten free bun) - Available Every Saturday

Stick to Ya Ribs Grilled Cheese (without the beef and with a gluten free bun) - Available Every Saturday

Curry Salmon - Only Available February 2nd

Smoked Duck - Only Available February 9th

Pork Belly Pappardelle (with gluten free pasta) - Only Available February 16th

Jambalaya - Only Available February 23rd

Smoked Heirloom Tomato and Seafood Pasta (with gluten free pasta) - Only Available March 9th

Kids Cheeseburger (with gluten free bun) - Available Every Saturday

Specialty Ask - Sea Salt Caramel Gelato Ice Cream (additional fee) - Available Every Saturday


Do I have to pay to get into the museum if I just want to go to the restaurant?

No!  New to the MN Discovery Center, we are opening from 4:00-9:00pm on Saturdays and offering free admission during that time!  So if the restaurant has a waiting time, you can go through our museum until we have a table for you.  Or if you want to just go through the museum on a Saturday night, we'll be open!


Do I need to make a reservation?

Nope, but we do recommend it- especially if you have a large group, it's always a safe bet to make a reservation in advance.  You can call us at 218-254-7959 if you would like to make a big or small reservation.


How can I provide feedback?

We always want to hear about our guests' experiences, whether it's a compliment, a suggestion, or feedback about something we could have done better.  Please send us your thoughts by clicking here.